An eCommerce platform tailored to you

Whether you're a clothing label or digital creator, we've got you covered

Sell anything

With multiple fulfillment types that can be paired together.

Sell anywhere

Link, embed, or integrate directly into any website in minutes.

Features tailored to you

Enable the features you want & need, disable the ones you dont.

Powerful Developer API

Deeply integrate eCommerce & create your own checkouts with our API.

Chec has helped thousands of forward thinking merchants make millions in sales.

Sell anything, from t-shirts to software.

Wether you’re a clothing label or an indie software developer, we’ve got you covered. Chec supports multiple fulfillment types that can be paired together. Literally sell anything, anyway you want with Chec. i.e. set a download + set physical shipping options.

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Sell anywhere. Go live with Chec in minutes.

All of Chec’s checkouts are responsive, optimized for mobile and can be customized to only collect what information you need from your customers.


Link directly to your products checkout with its unique url.


Embed your checkout onto your site, with a single line of code.

Spaces (Storefronts)

Dynamic & beautiful one-page-storefronts for chosen products.

Create your own checkout NEW

Design your own checkout using our Commerce.js SDK & API.

Modular by design. Only use the features you want.

Tired of bloated & ugly eCommerce platforms that force you to use features you don’t need or want?

With Chec, you only enable the features you need. The platform adapts & grows with your business wether you’re a eBook seller or a clothing label. Chec will take you from your first $1 to your first $1m.

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Powerful developer toolkit. 100% design control with Commerce.js

Commerce.js, our eCommerce API, integrates seamlessly into your designs & fits around your code, allowing you to create custom eCommerce experiences that go beyond the storefront in record time.

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Chec is a modular & extendable ecommerce platform that adapts to each merchant & can be integrated anywhere.

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